Welding Supervision

Welding Supervision
STR has the capability to manage welders and welding operator qualification tests to ensure that project personnel are able to perform within the parameters of the Welding Procedure Specification. This process sees the welder or welding operator perform under test conditions to weld an item using a specified welding position with specified welding consumables and materials, travel speed, amps and volts. The audit of the welder/ welding operator to pass the test may include visual, radiographic and/or mechanical testing and will prove the capability of the welder/ welding operator in the field in accordance with the required specifications.
These principles include:
  • Correct joint setup to drawing 
  • Using the correct welding consumable
  • Use of preheat
  • Following the welding procedure in terms of amps, volts and travel speed
  • Inter-run cleaning and run sequence
  • Final visual inspection
  • Arrange for non-destructive testing and destructive testing
  • Qualify welders to required procedures

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