Project Quality Assurance

Project Quality Assurance (QA)
STR can develop quality plans for projects of any size and complexity, starting with selecting optimal standards and codes, through to developing specific procedures, checklists and inspection and test plans.

Our approach is highly pragmatic and geared to supporting efficient project delivery with key stakeholder buy in.

Our Process
  • Creation of project Quality Plans
  • Review and comment on subcontractor project documentation
  • Creation of project Manufacturer Data Records (MDR)/ Fabrication Record Books
  • Interpret Australian Standards and International Codes
  • Creation of project specific procedures
  • Establish and maintain project specific registers for traceability
  • Development of general & specific inspection and test plans and checklists
  • Preparation of welding procedure specifications and weld procedure qualification records
  • Review and approve project personnel qualifications
  • Review and approve project subcontractor qualifications
  • Maintain welding operator and welder data base
  • Review and compile Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) reports
  • Issue, review, assist with implementation and close out of any corrective actions
  • Maintain quality documentation for clients as required by the applicable codes
  • Arrange QC inspections for on-site and off-site work as required per scope of work i.e. Subcontractors, hydrostatic testing and welding and fabrication inspections
  • Compile Manufacturer Data Records (MDR)/ Fabrication Record Books

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