Pressure Equipment Inspection under AICIP Certification

STR is AICIP certified for in-service inspection of boilers, pressure equipment and pressure piping.

It is a requirement of Australian Workplace Regulations that pressure equipment be regularly inspected and be maintained in a safe operating condition. Regulations stipulate that all pressure equipment and pressure vessels must have a Hazard Level rating from an ‘A’  to ‘E’ (highest to lowest), which reflects the equipment’s Hazard safety risk. The higher the risk, the more stringent the requirements for operating and inspecting the vessel.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure safe operation and maintenance of pressure equipment in accordance with Australian and International Standards. Regular inspections must be planned, implemented, evaluated and comprehensively documented. Legislative requirements stipulate all documentation must be signed by the approved and competent pressure equipment inspector for it to be legally valid in a court of law. In accepting these responsibilities, the inspector must be prepared to sign a report or letter of authorisation stating the equipment is satisfactory for its intended use until the next inspection period.

As well as performing required inspections, STR also provides guidance to clients to meet statutory compliance requirements with cost effective systems. This information and guidance will satisfy the Occupational Health and Safety Authority and relevant Codes and Standards, as well as – and more importantly – protecting the safety and health of persons in the workplace and public.

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Our Process
  • Assist with pressure equipment design review
  • Perform pressure equipment construction inspections
  • Ensure pressure equipment installation is as per applicable standards
  • Perform commissioning inspections as per AS 3788 Pressure Equipment – In-Service Inspection
  • Ensure that equipment with hazards as per AS 4343 Pressure Equipment – Hazard Levels – A, B and C have a documented commissioning procedure
  • For pressure equipment operation assist in the establishment and implementation of a suitable safety management system and procedures as per AS 3788 Pressure Equipment – In-Service Inspection, Section 4
  • Assist in hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • Ensure that suitable written procedures are prepared and implemented to manage changes and alterations to equipment, process technology and operating condition
  • Maintain a document register for each item of pressure equipment and storage tanks
  • Carry out external operational inspection and internal offline inspections
  • Carry out inspections for remaining life determinations or purchase of asset
  • Determine the maximum allowable working pressure for re-rating purposes
  • Perform inspection of pressure piping

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